Searching for the right job not only takes away time from you and your family, it's frustrating. 

We know because we've been there. 

Let us take the pressure off. We approach writing your resume, cover letter, and/or LinkedIn profile as if we are in your shoes applying to jobs. Imagine how you will feel when you:

  • Are proud of the resumes and cover letters you submit to employers

  • Have a solid resume prepared to pass along to a new contact who may know of an exciting opportunity

  • Receive calls for multiple interviews and ultimately land a new and fulfilling job

Resume Package Features Ferrari Ferrari Plus Full-Service
A 30-minute phone conversation with a resume writer to ensure she fully understands your career goals, plus custom questions regarding your work history
Your writer spends 4+ hours creating a master resume for you that you can easily tweak for any job description (we can also write a resume for a specific job)
A cover letter that aligns your background with specific requirements of jobs you seek
Your writer creates or overhauls your existing LinkedIn profile to highlight acheivements and increase your appearance in searches

READY TO GET STARTED? Custom resume packages start at only $399, money you'll earn back in your first week on the job.

*Discounts available for students, recent graduates, and members of the U.S. military and foreign service communities. Please email for more information*

ARE YOU AN ASPIRING OR CURRENT C-SUITE EXECUTIVE? We offer an exclusive VIP package tailored to your needs. Packages start at $1,500 and include the development of a customized resume and LinkedIn profile, plus 5 hours of consultations with our president to work through your materials as well as your overall branding, marketing, and networking approach. For more information, please contact Marcelle.

1. Conduct a 30-minute phone consultation with your writer. We ask custom questions specific to your work history and job targets.
2. Your writer spends 4+ hours writing a new version of your resume. A certified professional resume writer will review your resume in detail and make substantive edits.
3. You receive the resume to review. Provide feedback to your writer who will edit as needed and finalize it. 
4. Apply to jobs! 

services resume CL LI testimonials.png
The biggest challenge I faced a few months back was finding a concise way to present my varied skills and the resume and profile you’ve put together have not only highlighted my achievements but also given me really good talking points.
— Nachiketa, Director
I found the process to be very insightful and effective. It really helped me to remember many of my accomplishments over the past years which in turn helped me during interviews. I also liked the new style and format that was provided. As a seasoned professional who spent many years with the same company, I was better able to showcase my talents. For anyone looking to change careers, jump start their job search, or just gain the self-confidence to put yourself back out on the job market, I believe that reworking your portfolio with Career Valet is a great first step.
— Amy, IT Manager